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  • Bloody18

    New Info and School

    August 24, 2013 by Bloody18

    So school has started back up, meaning I'll have less time to edit.

    Because of this, I will only be editing here (I will still check in every day, and if I have time, maybe reply to some RP's) on the weekends.

    Also, Twolegplace is begining to be flushed out more, so any suggestions for it? I was think for each Kittypet (unless they live together) would get a Twoleg den named after them, loners their own den, and the rogues have their own camp already (and new groups will receive their own of course).

    Also, the Community message has been revamped :D

    That's about it.


    Derp That's what I am don't judge me 21:08, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Bloody18

    New Clans/Tribes

    June 23, 2013 by Bloody18

    Okay, so I have an admin blog :D

    So, we've been open for almost six months now, and (even tho hardly anyone but Cinder and I (and now Splash and Xain) edit here) I think we should add a tribe, and, if the idea is good enough, another Clans.

    I would be the first leader of course, but after that, anyone can be it. Deputy and Meddy Cat positions would be open to anybody, but Cinder would get first choice (and then Xain and Splash).

    So, for the Tribe, I'd really only like for there to be (at max) two. If there is only one tribe, then we can make a rouge group to do plot stuff with.

    As for the clan, at max, only three clans, sense we have a good about of them already.

    So.... go ahead and comment your ideas! 

    Bai ಠ_ಠ I don't approve of you... at all 0…

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  • Bloody18

    Welcome One and All

    January 21, 2013 by Bloody18

    We are now open again!

    Here is everything you need to know for now:

    The gathering is open. Go to that page and you'll see what it's about.

    Before, you could make new clans, but, well, the clans we started out with were pretty inactive, not to mention the added ones. So, we now will only have four clans. I might, if the four clans are starting to over flow, make more clans.

    The Clans we have now (NightClan, ForestClan, StormClan, and BlossomClan) all live on an island (a map is on the main page) which is basicly like Australia (I used a blank map of Australia and modified it to make the map on the main page)

    They have been redone. You need to go re-read them (even if you have read them in the last three days, I may have add/subtracted something) …

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