About StromClan

StormClan is strong and fast. They love the moorland, but are efficient in any environment nonetheless. They view themselves as the fastest and best Clan. They eat rabbits, birds, and some forest prey. They keep to themselves, but are friendly with ForestClan.



Wavestar - A blueish-grey tom with dark grey eyes. 9 lives. (Roleplayed by Bloody)


Wickedclaw - A black tom with bright blue eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Medicine Cat:

Purple-eye - White she-cat with dark purple eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Meddy Cat App.:


Warriors (there can be up to 20):

Sparrowclaw - Brown tom with green eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Snowear - Black she-cat with a pure white face and dark, stormy eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Burnpelt - Dark grey and pale ginger tom with amber eyes. Mate to Willowheart. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Swiftwhisper - Silver tabby she-cat with green eyes. (Roleplayed by Cinderstar)

Hawkgaze - fluffy reddish brown tom with sharp amber eyes. (Roleplayed by Cinderstar)

Redheart - Dark ginger Tom with black fur on feet, muzzle, and ears. (Roleplayed by Xain)

Swallowfeather - Pretty silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, Redheart's mate. (Roleplayed by Xain)

Blackwhisker - Thin, sleek black tom with bright yellow eyes. (Roleplayed by Sage)

Redstrike - small red-brown tom with pale blue eyes. (Roleplayed by Eevee)

Apprentices (there can be up to 10):

Applepaw - White, black, and brown dappled she-cat with amber eyes. Snowear's apprentice. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Queen and Kits (there can be up to 5 queens):

Willowheart - Milky cream-color she-cat with one green and one blue eye. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Ashkit - Dark grey she-cat with pale blue eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)
Treekit - Dark brown tom with green eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)
Lionkit - Milky cream and ginger tom with golden, amber eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Elders (there can be up to 5):


Roleplaying Territory

The Sky Tree

StormClan's Territory

StormClan's Camp
Leader's Den
Medicine Cat's Den
Warrior's Den
Apprentice's Den
Elder's Den
StormClan's Beach
StormClan's Training Area