About MoonClan

MoonClan lives in the west and southwestern portions of the Twoleg Clans territory. They eat any forest prey, fish, bird, or lizard. MoonClan is wise, strong, and loyal. MoonClan accepts Loners and Kittypets to join their Clan.



Soulstar Deputy:


Medicine Cat:


Meddy Cat App.:


Warriors (there can be up to 20):

Whiskerbelly - A silver and white tom with amber eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Bubbletail - Blueish-grey she-cat with blue eyes. Kit to Soulstar. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Maplestep - Tortishell she-cat with golden eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Moonshine - Silver tabby she-cat with vivid green eyes. (roleplayed by Cinderstar)

Stormheart - Big gray-brown, white and tom with pale blue eyes. (roleplayed by Cinderstar)

Apprentices (there can be up to 10):

Silverpaw - Silver she-cat with green eyes. Her Mentor is Bubbletail. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Queen and Kits (there can be up to 5 queens):


Elders (there can be up to 5):


Roleplaying Territory

The Star Rock


MoonClan's Territory

MoonClan's Camp

Leader's Den
Medicine Cat's Den
Warrior's Den
Apprentice's Den
Elder's Den

MoonClan's Training Area

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